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Debian packages

Important note: The packages are currently unsigned.

The following repositories can be enabled on Debian machines needing to install Liberty Eiffel.

Stable releases

Stable releases are the official releases.

deb release main

Release candidates

Release candidates are meant for public testing to shake off bugs.

deb rc main

Development snapshots

Snapshots are built every time ET runs.

deb snapshot main

Commit snapshots

Commit snapshots come right out of the "fast" continuous integration.

This integration is "fast" because it runs in less than an hour, with the following caveats:

  • The packages contain no docs and no tutorial.
  • The packages are not tested: travis-ci only checks the tutorial, after having uploaded the packages. If you must, go and check travis-ci. More thorough testing is provided by ET (see above).
deb commits main